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Vestige Products

Vestige Truman

Vestige Truman Shower Gel

Truman shower gel

Especially formulated for men's skin with Multi mineral complex and Multi botanical extracts, conditions the skin from deep within that promotes clear looking skin for invigorating freshness all day long.

Enriched with goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Orange and Lemon fruit extracts.

Net contents: 150ml | MRP Rs.350.00/-

Vestige Truman Shower Gel

Truman bathing bar

Truman bathing bar

Especially formulated for men's skin, glycerin based transparent bar for invigorating freshness all day long.

Enriched with essential oils, Aloe Vera and vitamin E that nourishes the skin for a smooth and fresh after feel.

Net contents: 125 g | MRP Rs.100.00/-

Vestige Truman bathing bar

Vestige Truman Hair Tonic

Truman Hair Tonic

A revitalizing solution that helps to keep the hair healthy. Moisturizes and nourishes scalp. Protects roots from flakes. Energies the roots with essential botanical actives especially selected to tackle hair problems.

Enriched with a patented combination of sweet lupine protein and polygala extract that regulates hormones, stimulate cell metabolism and improves blood circulation in the scalp that help increase hair density.

Net contents: 30 ml | MRP Rs.320.00/-

Vestige Truman Oil Control Shampoo

Vestige Truman Oil Control Shampoo

Truman Oil Control Shampoo

Formulated especially for oily male scalp. Daily fortifying shampoo for clean and fresh feel. Enriched with Wheat and Soy proteins to fortify dull and limp hair.

Thyme oil, Menthol, Tea Tree oil and Ginger oil clears flaky scalp. Pro-vitamin B5 and Licorice extract prevents hair from breakage.

Net contents: 150 ml | MRP Rs.380.00/-

Vestige Truman bathing bar

Vestige Truman Hair Styling Gel

Truman Hair Styling Gel

A non-greasy gel with long lasting hold without weighing it down. Alcohol free formula moisturizes and conditions hair without leaving any residue.

Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Ginseng extract strengthens the hair and soothes the scalp. Multi Mineral Complex (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium cocktail) together with Tea Tree oil refreshes and revitalizes scalp and hair.

Net contents: 100 g | MRP Rs.280.00/-

Vestige Truman bathing bar

Vestige Truman After Shave Balm

Truman After Shave Balm

Instantly soothes and hydrates irritated skin. Light and soothing after shave balm, easily absorbed, leaving the skin cool, comfortable and moisturized.

Alcohol Free formula that contains goodness of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Multi mineral complex to soften revitalize and refresh skin after shaving.

Net contents: 75 g | MRP Rs.380.00/-

Vestige Truman Face Wash

Vestige Truman Face Wash

Truman Face Wash

Exfoliating and deep cleansing daily purifying wash. Gentle cleanser with exfoliating agents that buffs away dead skin cells.

Enriched with Witch hazel, Aloe Vera, honey and allantoin that nourishes the skin. Contains jojoba ester beads and salicylic acid that clears clogged pores, dirt and oil.

Net contents: 75 ml | MRP Rs.270.00/-

Vestige Truman Face Wash

Vestige Truman UV Shield

Truman UV Shield

A light weight pro-complexion, daily sun shield with Broad Spectrum UV protection (SPF 30, PA+), guards the skin against tanning and helps fight premature aging.

Enriched with Bisabolol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Oat Extract hydrates the skin, soothes sunburns and skin irritation.

Net contents: 50 g | MRP Rs.540.00/-